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Dana Centre Event

Live Kidney Transplant
6 February 2007, 18:50 - 21:30
Quiz the surgeon during a kidney transplant. We link up with an operating theatre to experience the skill, precision and tension involved – live! Join us to ask the surgeon and chat to experts in the room.

Well this is the first post from my Linux machine and chuffed I am too. I am using Mozilla's integrated web suite called Seamonkey (where do they get these names from?) which is Firefoxs' big brother. Using an add-in called Deepest Sender it automatically logs me in so I can type away. Oh joy! Don't think you will get any more pearls of wisdom though!

Have fun

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Well here I am working from home, reading a very important NHS IT document (don't see those words together in a sentence normally!) It was nice not getting up a 6am this morning. I like deciding when to work and having as much coffee as one likes.

However I forgot to say the other day that when I got into work, they had saved me a copy of last Wednesdays 'the london paper':-) Did I know these people? Know them? Noooo not me:-)

Two entries in two days, wow! Don't expect it to last.

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Visited the fracture clinic yesterday and was told that my foot has '70% healed' and I am able to go back to work on Monday. When I sat down and thought about this I realised I have been off for almost two months! It will be hard to get back into the commute:-(
I am enjoying my last couple of days of freedom by going down to see janinemarriott tonight and on Friday out to see Mitch Benn at a Bristol comedy club. Back Saturday to prepare for the big day!

Janines Dad, Ron, is ferrying me down to Bristol, but we might be delayed as he went out to his van this morning and found it had been broken into! Bad news as ne had a call-out last night and didn't get in until 2am. He was not a happy bunny. He has just left (12:00) after having spent all morning phoning people.

Have a fun week and know that I will be joining the working masses next week:-(

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Its great at Janines parents! Great food excellent booze but now they are playing some bizarre board game. I am hiding behind the PC:-)

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Well well. back from the hospital with leg resplendently naked! Plaster removed, but not all sweetness and light. Apparently the break has healed 'about 50%'! He wants me to gently walk on it to stimulate blood flow and bone growth. He wants to check again in a fortnight. Unfortunately gentle walking doesn't include commuting so I have a further fortnight off:-) Yahh! Me being the curious soul I am (I am scientist everything is a need to know basis, ie I need to know everything) I asked what happens if it hasn't healed by then? To which he replied 'we will have to consider surgery to pin it'. Aghhhhhhhhhhh

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Hopefully today is the day!! The day for what I hear you cry? The day my leg is removed from its artificial casing. Yes Yes Yes!!!

To celebrate I will try to get to this event, as those that read my 'six things about me' and didn't let it go in and float straight out, will know this guy is one of my favourite authors (which is nice as the bristol bibliogoths are reading American Gods this month)

Blackwell present: An Evening with Neil Gaiman

Monday 25th of September, 7pm
Logan Hall
Institute of Education
20 Bedford Way

Tickets cost £7, £5 concessions, and are available from our dedicated booking line 0845 456 9876 (Mon-Fri, 9.30 - 6.00), or in-store at Blackwell, 100 Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0JG (as soon as we get them in).

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Just a quick post as I have done anything exciting this weekend:-) I have read everyones posts about Wrecked and VC Open House weekend and feel thoroughly depressed and being locked in all weekend:-) However tomorrow is the BIG day! Back to the fracture clinic and hopefully bye bye to the cast.

Whilst scrolling through the friends LJ stuff I came across this film http://www.panslabyrinth.com  on Neil Gaimans blog. Looks like one to book?

Have fun, I was clear and sober Sunday, Bah Humbug

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Well here it is Wednesday and my weekend only finished yesterday:-) I could get used to this staying at home and doing things in your own time!

Started of with my beloved taxiing me back from Bristol Friday, and taxiing us both to demonmoonglow and Colins Saturday afternoon. Got ready for the Dance of the Damned with the ever hospitable MacDonalds and was then chauffeured into London. As people have said before 'What an excellent venue for a goth event'. However, I was disappointed at the lack of light. Shock Horror a vampire wanting more light!? Well yes, everyone had made such an effort and for most of the evening you couldn't see it:-( Danced myself silly (like anyone didn't notice) as alcohol has amazing medicinal properties, such as anesthesia. Chauffeured back and to bed. janinemarriott left on Sunday afternoon for the long trek back into the wilderness and Colin, Jenny and I settled down for a night of highbrow TV viewing. Blackbeard and Midsommer murders!! Although Midsommer murders seemed more of a comedy and bought numerous howls of laughter from said assembled audience.

Monday I returned the favour and Colin and Jenny taxied me home and stayed over for a couple of days. Pub cooking and drives in the country the order of the day with the most strenuous thing being the Times crossword (the easy one) on Tuesday. And before anyone asks the only one we couldn't get was Vehement:-) My house guests left last night, and so my weekend finished:-)

Only fly in the ointment is that I phoned the clinic this morning to try to bring my appointment forward for my cast removal and they are still fully booked:-( No open house for me!

God its going to be hard going back to work!!

Wake up, he has finished:-)

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Not very good at keeping up this blogging malarky. Hope I'm not letting anyone done who desperately needs to know about my exciting life/lifestyle.

Anyway a good weekend was had. Attending a comedy club in Bristol Saturday evening. This was a great night out as myself, janinemarriott, J-P and Kelly met up with Jon and his other half. For reasons unbeknown the other half was well behaved, but didn't get any of the sarcasm heaped upon her. For further history on this see Janines' LJ! The comedians were excellent, but the one that stood out for me was a Kiwi called Ben Hurley. Very very funny, go see him if you get a chance. Sunday was eating and shopping, not necessarily in that order and that was my weekend. See I told you I live at breakneck speed.

Monday was designated house/garden tidying so I did my bit to help by providing tea. For anyone that knows J-P will know this is a major part of any plan and much tea was provided and much tidying was achieved.

That's it then, probably have to wait for another couple of days or update you in person at the Vampires Ball!

See you all soon.

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